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  1. ok, then you think i need to set smbios on iMac14,1 and maybe i'll arrive to install? any advice?
  2. ok. i check bios and it's all right. i need to set only PEG in bios video settings or on auto ?
  3. ok Hervè! thanks but i try to install mojave tried many efi similar to my system but my installation stuck on end randomseed or on apfs_module_start:1393.... i'm mad and dont know how fix .....think the problem is GPU but you confirm that it's natively supported....
  4. Hi dear friend, I don't know if I need to install without GT730 and only UHD 630 first or if I can install with monitor connect on GT730 without problem....
  5. Hi Everyone, I start with a new adventure on new Hackintosh build. System is a Lenovo V530 Tower with intel i5-8400 cpu, 12gb ddr4, Nvidia GT730 2gb ddr5 with motherboard chipset intel B360. I think to install Mojave on it because read in some forum online that someone have this Nvidia gpu work fine on Mojave. I try to start installation but always have some problem and can-t know how can I do. With this last Efi in attached I have error and stuck after sleep states s3 s4 s5 or other things..... There is someone can have similar configuration that can help me please? advanced thanks EFI.zip
  6. Bios settings? I'll need to format disk in Macos journaled? I don't know why when I've format disk the disk utility Windows close fast.... I think that something of Windows partition is still on nvme because with Clover on boot don't start Macos but start bios Memory test
  7. Thanks friend. Will be the first time I use opencore installation. For start I see a guide and have to create image of Mojave or other os, then after create image on usb stick I need to use your efi and replace it on usb stick.....really? On your efi I need to change something you told me or I can use it how is ???? Thanks again
  8. I ok I'll try. How to install opencore? Have file for that and a guide ? I never try opencore for now.....advanced thanks
  9. @Gemini44, I try to install Mojave again on my 3070 micro I3, but this time I would like use only nvme ssd 256gb. Have you install on it? I try but I can only boot with USB pen drive and not boot after install clover on ssd. How you install clover and kext on ssd after MacOs installation ?
  10. Hi chimichang, If you use bios setting as Herve told you and use my efi and config.plist I think is all right. Try to use boot flag -v and post screenshot where installation stuck.
  11. @Gemini44 let me know how my Efi and config.plist work for you, thanks
  12. Your 3070 is the same? i can't see your signature.... Anyway, backup your efi and config.plist and use my in attached file. Let me know if this help you EFI.zip config.plist.zip
  13. Hi Jake Lo, all work fine after use this Efi and config-intel.plist renamed but only USB on rear work ....Two usb on front don't work if i connect an external usb 3.0 500gb storage or 3.0 large pen drive (32gb 3.0 dont work). Any ideas for fix this little problem? i attached config.plist and "other" kext folder. Other.zip config.plist.zip
  14. Oooh Yesss! Thanks again Jake Lo ;-) I will try and let you know
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