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HP Pavilion Gaming 16-a0000 Laptop: Monterey post-install help!


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Hi Guys!

i'm with a big problem again and hope some people here can will help me!

Try to install Monterey on my hp pavilion gaming with intel i7 10750h, intel uhd 630, gtx 1650ti (disabled),16gbram, ssd 480gb Kingston.

Finally finish installation but have big big problems..... audio, touchpad and good time for boot (now is very long time about 50 seconds) is the 3 things i would like to fix!

wifi i will change with a compatible card coming from amazon.

There is someone that can help me please??

my efi and screenshot with some specs in attached file. THANKS!





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In USB put this EFI (OC 0.7.9 + kext release) and try to boot, do a new ioreg with my EFI and check everything works. If the touchpad still doesn't work you need the clean DSDT to patch your HP's I2C.


Here from Ioreg you can see the trackpad should only be activated


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