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Lenovo Ideapad 100-15ibd 80qq


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Try setting SecureBootModel to Disabled instead of Default

I meant this to be changed in the config file, but yes in the BIOS too


this is for my Lenovo X1C5 but the BIOS settings should be similar as well.


 -Under Config Tap


       Boot Display Device -> Thinkpad LCD

       Shared Display Priority -> USB Type-C

       Total Garphics Memory ->256MB

       Boot Time Extension -> Disabled

-Under Security Tap

    Memory Protection -> Execution Prevention -> On

    Secure Boot -> Secure Boot -> Off

                         -> Platform Mode -> UserMode

                         ->Secure Boot Mode -> Standard Mode

-Under Startup Tap

    UEFI/Legacy Boot ->UEFI Only

       CSM Support -> No

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