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HD3000: patching Mojave for support

Jeff Bowyer

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On 8/2/2019 at 9:25 AM, Hervé said:

Last updated: 14 Nov 2020


Here are copies of the requires kexts and files required to gain graphics acceleration on 1st gen Intel HD + Sandy Bridge (SNB) HD3000 + nVidia Tesla GPUs in Mojave and Catalina up to 10.15.3. For Catalina 10.15.4 and later, use dosdude1's patcher.


As described initially at MacRumors in the "Mojave on unsupported Mac" thread back in summer 2018:

1a) Intel 1st gen Intel HD and HD3000 drivers are non-existant in Mojave by default, so copy 10.13.6's kexts to /S/L/E, repair permissions and rebuild your cache.


1b) Mojave natively includes drivers for nVidia Fermi and Kepler cards only. Copy the following kexts to /S/L/E, repair permissions and rebuild your cache.


2) In Mojave 10.14.4/5/6 and Catalina 10.15(.0)/1/2/3, remove the following vanilla frameworks and replace them by 10.14.3's versions. This should be done after booting in single-user mode and copying those frameworks in a dedicated folder at volume/partition root.


3) From Catalina 10.15.4, the above process is no longer applicable due to significant changes in macOS. Instead, it has become mandatory to call on dosdude1's Catalina patcher to patch Catalina and get the above unsupported GPUs working again.



NB: The process of reverting to older frameworks or patching Catalina needs to be repeated after/at each macOS update.


Hervé, what method of installing the kexts do you recommend?  Clover Configurator, Hackintool, Kext Utility, terminal?  After screwing up my install a few times with Chris1111's solution, and others, I'd like to get this right.  Thanks.

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The instructions I posted are based on Terminal/line commands.


I also gave you this link in answer to your post at IM. You may simply follow the process described for HD3000 tuning. Make sure you follow it to the letter. If you use OC, just adapt your config so that you may boot in single-user mode.

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