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Dell XPS 13 7390: can't boot Win11 with OpenCore

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I have create a new OpenCore EFI for my Dell XPS 13 7390.


The EFI work with MacOS perfect... FN Keys work (sound +- keys and Brightness +- keys) work too. But I got the problem that I can't boot windows 11. I all time got a blue screen and can't boot windows 11. How can I fix this problems without lose function from FN Keys?


I will upload my EFI Folder without the KEXT Folder.

Hope someone can help me to fix this problem


Maybe @Jake Lo or @Hervé can help me? I really like to fix this problem, but I can't find a way to boot win11 :-(




EFI Windows 11 ssdt boot problem.zip

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Yes I have add it.


Do I need to set patch to table signature to  (dsdt or ssdt) or something like this?

Ok... I will send

Update. Gprw.aml + activated patch work with windows boot. But in macos trackpad don't work. Hmmm


I send reg now..2 min

here are a iojones reg file



and ioreg file uploaded too


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What is not laden? When I boot without the gprw patch, than trackpad work normally🤷‍♂️

Hum... Something wrong. Need to test... Moment


Update: wtf trackpad stopped working. I text you when I fixed this problem. I don't know what happens



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