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Dell Latitude 5501: no HDMI


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I understand you already found the thread posted back in March with the same unresolved issue on exact same platform.


Your IOReg shows that you've patched both con1 and con2 connectors to HDMI type but you also changed their Pipe :


Did you get anywhere with default values, just changing the connector type and nothing else (knowing that this is usually only required to gain HDMI audio)?


You would need to monitor your iGPU connectors' behaviour in IOReg as you plug and unplug your HMI cable on/off the laptop. If you see absolutely nothing, you probably have to experiment with different SMBIOS and/or CFL framebuffer layouts.



You use ig-platform-id 3EA50009 which is the expected one:

ID: 3EA50009, STOLEN: 57 MB, FBMEM: 0 bytes, VRAM: 1536 MB, Flags: 0x00830B0A
TOTAL STOLEN: 58 MB, TOTAL CURSOR: 1 MB (1572864 bytes), MAX STOLEN: 172 MB, MAX OVERALL: 173 MB (181940224 bytes)
Model name: Intel HD Graphics CFL CRB
Camellia: CamelliaV3 (3), Freq: 0 Hz, FreqMax: 0 Hz
Mobile: 1, PipeCount: 3, PortCount: 3, FBMemoryCount: 3
[0] busId: 0x00, pipe: 8, type: 0x00000002, flags: 0x00000098 - ConnectorLVDS
[1] busId: 0x05, pipe: 9, type: 0x00000400, flags: 0x000001C7 - ConnectorDP
[2] busId: 0x04, pipe: 10, type: 0x00000400, flags: 0x000001C7 - ConnectorDP
00000800 02000000 98000000
01050900 00040000 C7010000
02040A00 00040000 C7010000


You may have to experiment with different combinations of SMBIOS/CFL framebuffer layouts or even patch the connectors further, HDMI usually being attached to connector con1.


Did you experiment with WEG igfxonln=1 boot arg at all?


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