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Dell Latitude 5401: unable to install macOS Monterey


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I try to install MacOS Monterey on my Dell Latitude 5401 but, unfortunatly, it's not work.


I try the EFI folder on the another topic talking about the 5401 but, don't work.


First, here si the configuration of my Latitude 5401 :

- cpu : Intel i7-9850H

- ram : 32Gb

- gpu : Intel UHD Graphics 630 / Nvidia GeForce MX150 (can't disable this one on the bios...)

- ssd : Micron 2200S NVMe 512GB

- ethernet : Intel Ethernet Connection (7) I219-LM

- wifi : Intel Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz


If I try with the EFI folder submit in other 5401 topic, see the error in attachment.


If someone could help me, please :)


Have a nice day !






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Thank for posting your specs; always most useful (to to say mandatory), especially in your particular case!


You have a Micron 2200S NVME SSD. This model is not compatible with macOS (cf. the Dortania Anti-Hackintosh buyers guide) and you may have noticed the Kernel Panic on IONVMeFamily driver; there's no fix or workaround, you'll have to replace that SSD by a fully supported model if you want to install and run macOS on your laptop.

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Oh ok, thank you for your answer ! :)


So I can stop trying until I change the SSD. 😅


And another question, should I disable the nVidia card or MacOS will ignore it anyway ?

EDIT : I think I've found my answer about the graphic card here : https://dortania.github.io/Getting-Started-With-ACPI/Desktops/desktop-disable.html#finding-the-acpi-path-of-the-gpu

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