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macOS Ventura 13.0 RC is out


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Released Oct. 18th, 2022.

Build 22A379.





Ok on my Skylake/HD520 Latitude E7270 with exact same/unmodified Clover r5148 setup previously used for 13.0 beta 3 to 11. Everything working as before.




NB: the annoying bug that removes printers after each Ventura (beta) update remains present in this RC. :(

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Pretty straight forward procedure, really:

  1. install Clover r5148 on a USB key as per my E7270 Monterey guide
  2. download the Clover pack I posted in my Ventura beta3 thread and copy its config.plist + ACPI & Kexts folders to the EFI/CLOVER folder of your USB key
  3. boot your E7270 with Opencore, Reset NVRAM at OC picker and reboot
  4. press F12 once your E7270 complete POST and boot off your USB key
  5. if all is Ok, mount the EFI partition of your E7270's SSD and USB key. Make a backup of the OC EFI folder of your SSD if you wish, then replace it by the Clover EFI folder of your USB key.

I'll post a Ventura update to my E7270 existing guides once Apple releases the new macOS version tomorrow. Of course, no reason why you wouldn't be able to install Ventura with OC as long as you update your setup to meet Ventura's requirements (OC version, OC quirks + necessary graphics adjustments, i.e. KBL framebuffer settings + SMBIOS).

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