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E7450: Ventura OCLP crash with Dropbox and Google Drive


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Hi everyone! 


For my E7450 I'm running Ventura using MacBookPro14,2 as SMBIOS to install/run and OCLP 0.5.1 for patching the graphic card.

The system is running smoothly apart an annoying issue with dropbox and google drive sync clients, which both start but both crash and reboot after a few seconds, in a continuous loop.


Does anyone of you encountered a similar issue? 

I know that my hardware does not support ventura but I want to ask you all anyhow.


Thank you in advance

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Today, after some other trial-and-error procedures, I was able to update to ventura 13.0.1 from monterey 12.6.1 with a more stable system.


I was probably using a corrupted installer. Softwares (like Dropbox and Google Drive) are now able to sync data from local to cloud folders. 

Moreover, I looked at the differences between my EFI and that one builded by OCLP. After merging the differences, the system is now usable.

Notification center is still buggy, but since I don't care it too much, this is not an issue to me.


I just wanted to share what I did to improve my installation. And it is a pleasure to do this in the forum



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