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What Dell for Ventura or Monterey?


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Until recently, I had a Dell E-5550 that broke (the motherboard was broken) and now I would buy another Dell, so I'm interested in which one you think is good to be able to install Venura or Monterey on it.
I am interested in the following models:
- 2018 year (7390 or 7490 model)
- 2019 year (7300 or 7400 model)
- 2020 year (7310 or 7410 model)
- 2021 year (7320 or 7420 model)

I'm interested in your opinion and for a choice, which one should I buy and which one would be best compatible with the installation of the OSX system?

Or you have another suggestion for buying?


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See our Hardware Information->Intel Platforms and Hardware Information->Graphics forum sections. Our Monterey and Ventura release articles also specify the minimum supported Intel platforms and those that were dropped. Obviously, given that Apple has abandoned Intel, you should opt for the latest possible supported platforms (i.e 10th gen).

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