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How to reset PRAM (Mavericks) on my E6420?


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I have this drive with Mavericks(13.4.0 kernel w/Enoch) for years and it was rock solid...I was trying to copy some files with MacDrive  from Windoze but that tool

wacked the partition table on the Mavericks HDD...started playing with it testDisk got the partition back the bootloader loads but it stops and shuts the machine

down no KP listed ... after this


devfs_kernel_mount failed to find directory '/dev'


I know this is ancient stuff but trying to see if it is fixable or it's a fubar already?? All  my files are there (300G of stuff)I can access from other hackintosh drive 

but I'd like to boot from Mavericks as some old apps don't run on newer OS

Digging on the forums guys with the same msg from way back in the Mavericks days are

suggesting clear the PRAM is that for real?? I thought  the hackintosh don't even have those chips


On the other hand reinstalling it....is there a way to install over the existing OS without reformatting?



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