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Dell XPS 13 L321X: Guide needed


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Want to install Sierra on XPS 13 L321X.

Specs :

Processor i7 - 2637m

GPU : Intel HD 3000

Ram : 4 GB

Storage 256 GB Samsung NVME SSD

Legacy BIOS


I tried OpenCore but was unsuccessful. I don't have any knowledge about Clover bootloader. Please guide needed or video needed.


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We have a few guides for Sandy Bridge/HD3000 Dell Latitude models; look these up (eg: my Latitude E6220 guide).


HD3000 graphics is last officially supported in macOS High Sierra. Thereafter, support can be provided with specific patches but limited to OpenGL mode only. HD3000 has no support for Metal and was already buggy on Hackintosh past OS X Yosemite 10.10 (over time: horizontal lines across the screen, pixelisation).


Please note that this kind of platform is kinda obsolete for Hackintosh purposes given Apple's long abandonment for such 12yr old hardware. SSD can't be NVME since that the laptop is built on Intel QS67 chipset; so it can only be a good old SATA or mSATA model. Dell did not sold laptops with NVME-capable SSDs until Broadwell/Skylake generations.

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