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E6220 installation issue

Steven Poon

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Hi there, i have the e6220 bios a08, 8GB ram, Samsung P830 128GB SSD, i5 2520M, wifi i replace with Dell 1515, i use the myhack to create the USB for mountain lion. after boot up it shows:


"EBIOS read error: Controller or Device error

Block xxxxxxx Sectors 0"


for 5 times than follow with "/" only.


If i use the -f it will show the same error as above too.

If i use the -v it will show many texts and reboot by itself. Text scroll too fast i cant read anything at all.


I try search in google but show me is media fault so i make a few more USB to test but all gives the same error as well. I also try to disable all the unwanted stuff in BIOS in the misc field but still same.


If need more info please tell me I will get it or screenshot it.


I really want to run mac on this laptop, please kindly help me out here, thanks in advance.

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