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E7440: Battery Optimization and Inquiry - System Preferences


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I have been optimizing my hack these past month and my target now was better battery consumption.

My new battery (generic brand 54wHr) last about 2~3 hours on single charge and I think I might get better battery consumption with optimizations.


I managed to make hibernation work ( mode 3 and 25 ) so I can save my battery health over time, (battery is much more expensive than SSD lol)

My hack Hibernates 1 hour after sleep on battery, 4 hours when charging, and directly when battery hits 7%


If you have suggestions or guides on how can I make my hack more battery friendly, kindly help me out



On my hack I saw only few options on the Battery menu on System Preferences but what I saw on others on Monterey, they have way more options to tinker for better battery. Is this normal or there is something we need for this?


E7440 Battery Settings




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Generally speaking, generic/3rd party batteries tend to be utter crap and often seriously decline after only a few months. I guess you'll see soon enough. Not that many things you can do to optimise battery; you've already enabled low power mode but who knows if it's of any use on a Hack. Other possible actions to consider:

  • reduce screen brightness
  • adjust screen saver & sleep/hibernate settings
  • revise CPU power settings (tuned CPUFriend kexts vs. native kernel CPU power management or vice versa)
  • disable turbo boost on battery
  • use SSD instead of mechanical HDD

Battery settings may also differ according to SMBIOS/Mac model. That's about it...

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Thanks for the insights @Hervé! My new generic 54wHr battery is already half a month old and still no signs of utter crap. I just do not left this charging. My original dell battery was already bloated and was just handling about 30-45 mins of battery life.



I have done most of the things now:

  • reduce brightness
  • working hibernation
  • revising CPU power settings (causes instability)
  • disabling turbo boost
  • already on SSD

I have also done additional things:

  • set ASPM for other devices
    • L0s+L1 for ethernet port (not really using ethernet, I might set this to L1)
    • L1 for serial connection (can't disable device since this is not defined on ACPI)
    • L0s+L1 for SDCard reader
    • L0s+L1 for WiFi Card
    • Proper aspm heirarchy for port/devices
  • Blocked Loading of Serial Kext 1650XSerial
  • Cleanup of additional kexts (SMCSuperIO, SMCLightSensor, BrightnessFix (replaced with SSDT-BRT6))
  • Undervolt using VoltageShift >> zspherez / VoltageShift



john@MacBook-Pro Release % voltageshift info
   VoltageShift Info Tool
CPU voltage offset: -60mv
GPU voltage offset: -30mv
CPU Cache voltage offset: -60mv
System Agency offset: 0mv
Analogy I/O: 0mv
Digital I/O: 0mv
CPU BaseFreq: 2600, CPU MaxFreq(1/2/4): 3000/2700/2700 (mhz) Turbo_Disabled PL1: 18W PL2: 25W 
CPU Freq: 1.7ghz, Voltage: 0.6561v, Power:pkg 7.92w /core 3.40w,Temp: 76 c



Can't make sure yet the battery life improvement with this solution, but my hack seems more battery friendly compared to default settings. My last one to test was the SMBIOS, so far my candidates are:




this is to be paired with -no_compat_check boot arg


Current setup MacBookPro11,4 is a Haswell(HQ) maybe that's why default config was a battery hunger. CPU base Frequency is 2.6GHz, idles at 1.3Ghz but rarely stay there even on light load

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Not sure it'll make much difference using MBA6,2 or MBP11,1 compared to MBP11,4 for CPU Power Management but you may want to observe this and make some comparison; can be an interesting experiment to make, it certainly used to make a difference on old C2D Merom/Penryn laptops. 

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Apparently, It does make a difference. I do not have screenshots on my comparison as I'm too sleepy to take screenshots of testing but I found some interesting results:

I removed undervolt and just use the SMBIOS


Results were monitored using Intel Power Gadget


Base Frequency starts mostly at 2.6Ghz turbo upto 3Ghz
Idle goes below upto 1.3ghz, stays at 1.4~1.5Ghz but always ramps up to 2.6Ghz


Base Frequency starts mostly at 1.7Ghz turbo 2.7Ghz upto 3Ghz
Idle goes below upto 0.8hz(seldom), stays mostly at 1.16~1.2Ghz ramping up to 2Ghz if needed


Base Frequency starts mostly at 1.7Ghz turbo 2.7Ghz upto 3Ghz
Idle goes below upto 1.20Ghz, stays mostly at 1.3~1.4Ghz ramping up to 2Ghz if needed


I choose MacBookPro11,1

I run a youtube playback test on microsoft edge browser starting at 95% battery charge upto 15% at 80% Brightness and 50% audio volume


Total Runtime: 5 Hours

Battery Consumed: 80%


I limit the max charge of battery on bios to 95% and I don't want to fully drain this generic battery so I stopped already at 15%. see attached screenshot of my testing and current setup:







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