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  1. You just need to put SSDT-PNLF & SSDT-ALS0 on your patched folder in efi.
  2. I have this issue before and implementing the PNLF & ALS0 ssdt pacth fixed my problem. PNLF & ALS0 patch is linked on applabacklightinjector thread
  3. Oh yes i forgot that too. It just works flawlessly on my hack thats why i shared mine. Thanks for the clarification
  4. I have the launcher menu and right click working on High Sierra, I'm not sure why you are experiencing that. See attached file for the my own used info.plist for your reference This info.plist also contains interim fix for: Mouse in inactive for 1-2 seconds after typing Backlight flickering when adjusting brightness up or down. Below for details of functions i set: Touchpad Shortcuts Tap 1 finger - Click 2 finger - Right Click 3 finger - Middle Click 4 finger - Fullscreen 5 finger - Application Switcher Scroll 2 finger - Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right Right edge
  5. UPDATE: Fixed some of my issue by just configuring the driver Problem 2: FIXED(interim) by disabling fine adjustments Problem 3: FIXED(interim) by setting TimeOutEnablesTPadAfterAccInput to 100
  6. Hello everyone. I have been using Smart touchpad for weeks now and loving it as I get near mac gestures on my hack for configuring it properly according to my taste. But i have some issues I want to resolve or if there are any suggestions you can give. 1. Scroll speed(2 finger scroll and edge scroll) in some places are so fast(terminal, app store) compared to browsers, pdf, etc. 2. Mouse in inactive for 1-2 seconds after typing. Most of the time it happens but sometimes it is not. 3. Backlight flickering when adjusting brightness down or down. Screen flickers(i dont know if its the
  7. Do you get 20 seconds on APFS? Oh will try to trim that way. Maybe it will be a lot better than the patch thanks all for your reply
  8. I have tried HFS+ and boot time becomes 20seconds from boot to login screen. Is this already okay?
  9. You can test with a headset with microphone. Oh lucky you are. Im struggling to make it work Have you checked your hibernatemode on your build that might be causing sleep problems? Also check your usb 3.0 fix on dsdt. I know it fixes sleep. Im on broadwell High Sierra and sleep works properly
  10. Hi can you check if microphone via headphone jack is working? How do you fixed imessage and facetime?
  11. Hi All. I have a problem with my hackintosh. Everything was running smoothly but I just noticed that my battery charge status was differently with HWMonitor(real charge shows) and battery status on menu bar. See attached picture. Second one is my boot was slow even on SSD- Samsung 840 Evo. It took 32 seconds(trim enabled) and 28 seconds(trim disabled) to boot my hackintosh. I have reporting files attached. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My specs: Dell inspiron 5558 A14 Bios i5 5200u(broadwell) Nvidia 920m(disabled via dsdt) 12GB RAM 120GB Samsung 840 Evo SSD(main dri
  12. Hello, I have tried this with layout 13 on DSDT HDEF but still when headphone plugged in combo jack, external mic is not detected only internal mic. Also tried injecting layout id using clover but still same results
  13. When I am using layout-id 27, My internal mic is not working also I have another option in input even without headset plugged in, please see below: Please see below for my Codec Dump, I am using a Dell Inspiron 5558 with ComboJack as headset input for external mic and speaker: CodecDump.zip
  14. Hi I have the same Issue, I have tried OS-X-EAPD-Codec-Commander by RehabMan but that didn't fix the issue I have tried layout 3, 13, 17, 27, 28 as stated on AppleALC wiki but none of them worked. Layout 27 have Line in on mic but even internal mic does not work on that layout ID
  15. Hi Jake, update on the issue. Seems that my previous 2 installations were corrupted. And been using the same config now works perfectly. Someone from other community help me troubleshoot more. Thanks for your time
  16. I have noticed some changes on USB 3.0 in system information. It says APPLEUSBXHCIWPT(not sure if this should be like this). I have not changed anything since my last post aside from restoring DSDT from your bootpack and enabling again the AppleHDA patches on Config.plist
  17. Hi Jake, please see attached below for my config plist and screenshot of kext to patch. I disabled the previous one as its not working. config.zip
  18. Hi Hervé, upon checking, mine was a usb card reader. Detected by system information but does not work. Maybe it will never work. :/ Hi Jake. I noticed that after sleeping, sound never works when using the AppleALC. But reverting to AppleHDA_*255 it works after sleep. Im looking into this issue Also I noticed that usb 3.0 does not work again, but plugging in a 2.0 device in that port works.
  19. Adding a patch works! Usb 3.0 is now working! I have not noticed that bluetooth was working on me Here is my status: Whats working: Integrated Graphics(HD5500) Brightness control Brightness level on restart/shutdown Internal Audio(speaker) Internal Microphone External Audio(headphone jack) Sleep & Deep Sleep Battery Meter/Status Function Keys(volume, sound, network, etc) Webcam HDMI Video Out USB 2.0 USB 3.0 Bluetooth Not yet tested: HDMI Audio Wifi(not yet tested DW1560 is still on delivery) Ethernet/Lan Cable Not working(under te
  20. Thank you for your support on my installation, I will be researching further to make the sdcard reader and external mic to work. Just now I noticed that when plugging a usb 3.0 device to usb 3.0 port, it does not detect the device, but plugging a usb 2.0 device into 3.0 port, it recognizes the device.
  21. I have successfully edited DSDT and removed the layoutiD in HDEF ang HDAU. To test i have tried booting without layoutId in config.plist and audio is gone. I tested layoutIds 3, 13, 17, 27, 28. All internal speaker and headset sound are working, but microphone via headset still not detected when plugged in. LayoutId 27 comes with another option on mic but it expects a different line in(not together with headset). Is there anything I can try? Do you think implementing VoodooSDHC can probably make cardreader work? Previous post I was referring to gestures of the touchpad.
  22. I have been looking into DSDT, I am editing the layoutId in HDEF, is this correct? as I've seen layoutId also in PCI0. Been facing syntax error on other locations i have not edited(lines 2k+ & 4k+) will try to sort that out later if I can SDCard iss seen on usb devices as USB-2.0CRW, maybe this js just a driver issue? Been looking into implementing VoodooSDHC but still learning how to do that. Lol 1. Installing EmuVariableUefi-64.efi in clover works! My brightness is now saved even on restart/shutdown 2.I'll be trying sierra 10.12.6 next time 2(3).Ill try to report this
  23. Hi Bronx & Hervé. Thabk you for additional info. This enlightens me. Hi Jake, please see below for the update: Microphone via headphones/headset I have placed AppleALC and lilu on EFI/Clover/Kext/Other. I have deleted the AppleHDA_ALC255 in /L/E & /S/L/E and repair and rebuid cache. I have also changed the LayoutId to 3, 7, 17, 27, and 28 as stated here > https://github.com/vit9696/AppleALC/wiki/Supported-codecs All are working but Still microphone on Headphones does not work. Here are my findings: 1. I have tried to remove the AppleALC.kext and lilu.kext on efi
  24. Hi Jake & bronx, I will be researching on how to do what you two have instructed as I am new to this, will get back here if there is a progress. I have another set of questions: 1. ALC is for sound which will have effect on overall(internal speaker, hdmi, headset, microphone, bluetooth headset) so testing with the given set of Layout ID am I right? 2.I am confused on the kext locations when should I put it in EFI, /L/E, S/L/E. Can you enlighten me on this? 3.I have put lspci*.kext on S/L/E and fixed permissions to have the lspci command but I am not able to use lspci after rest
  25. Hi Jake, thank you for your support. I have successfully generated new Serial Number(SMBIOS) and SSDT.aml. please see below for the status of my installation: Whats working: Integrated Graphics(HD5500) Brightness control Sound Sleep & Deep Sleep Battery Meter/Status Internal Microphone Function Keys(volume, sound, network, etc) Webcam Audio jack HDMI Video Out Not yet tested: HDMI Audio Wifi & bluetooth(not yet tested DW1560 is still on delivery) Ethernet/Lan Cable SDCard Reader Not working: Microphone via headphone jack Any suggestion on Mic
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