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Dualboot from same drive. How do i have 2 EFI Drives?

Justin Wallis
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I was wondering how i can have 2 efi drives. If that's possible.  


I had monterey installed as apfs, then i made an apfs partition and installed ventura, disabled SIP and used OLP to patch ventura.  All using Jake Lo's Fantastic Guides. (Ventura seems to be running great, btw)


Did i go about this in the right way? I only see one EFI drive. Am i going to need to use a usb stick to boot the ventura (as it takes a different EFI). Or is there an easy way on making a efi partition? I can't have 2 EFI folders on the same EFI drive. Just not sure what is best way to do, or if i'm stuck with seperate usb.


I really don't think i see the answer on Dortainia's OC guide Dualbooting Same Disk


I wish these laptops had two connectors for two msata drives


Thank You!!

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Are the system running on 2 separate disks or partition?

If separate disks you can have an EFI partition per disk. Only thing is you'll need to hit F12 at boot so you can select the different EFI to boot from and then select the MacOS version.

You probably can add each to the Boot option in the BIOS and give it a customized name.

According to the title, you're running from 1 disk, you can boot with the same EFI set for Ventura, should be backward compatible.

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