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leopard on dell d 620


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A much better choice would be to install Snow Leopard (SL, 10.6) or Lion (10.7) instead of Leopard (10.5), something you can do by following, step by step, the procedure explained in the EDP section of the web site. Leopard is kind of old these days (last update dates back to 2009) and not supported here. SL is a much better version than Leopard, benefiting from substantial optimization + OS architecture changes that remain current. Latest update was summer 2011, keeping it a modern/in-tune OS (and its performance is excellent on our Latitude laptops). Lion remains an "active" OS to date, despite recent official launch of Mountain Lion (ML, 10.8).


Before you start anything, and since you appear to be a total newbie to this (no offense meant), do try and get a bit more familiar with installation and running of Mac OS X on PC hardware. This will notably allow you to learn the significance of specific terms like "kexts", "bootpacks", "boot loaders", etc. if these elude you at the moment. You also need to be familiar with your own hardware equipment (CPU, RAM, Graphics card, resolution, etc. - the BIOS can help you here - there are several hardware variants for any given Latitude model) since this is an essential pre-requisite for proper installation. OS X on non-Apple H/W is not a completely straight forward/plug 'n play thing where you simply install the contents of a DVD and off you go.

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