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Latitude 3400: touchpad issues


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Need some help here.


Successfully installed Monterey (12.6) to my Latitude 3400 (i5-8265U, Intel 9560 WiFi). I started from an EFI from this forum post here, updated to OC 0.8.7, re-mapped USB ports, and added OpenIntelWireless drivers. I also have CFG LOCK disabled from the BIOS.


Everything appear to work fine, except a strange issue with the trackpad's mouse buttons: the Left Mouse button click behave like a Right Mouse click! Because of this, I lost the ability to drag items around, nor can I do double-left-clicks to open/launch.  checked the system preference, the Mouse was configured to use Left as Primary Button. An external attached mouse, however, works and behaves normally. 


Not sure what the issue is. I attached my config.plist and IOReg output here. Please reply if you have answer to suggestion.


Also, I tested under Windows 10, the trackpad buttons work fine. 





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That worked!  Thank you!


What I did: replaced the NoTouchID.kext with AlpsHID.kext.


EDIT:  I was too soon to declare victory. Now, the situation appears to be reversed - the Right Button lost its functionality (secondary click). I could, however, use the Two Figure Touch gesture to accomplish that. Still a big improvement.

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