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Speech (control) in 10.7.0 on D620 Nvidia


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I recently upgraded my D620(Nvidia) from 10.6.8 to 10.7.0. I didn't have the time for a full clean install (i.e., formatting the hard drive before running the Lion install), but after some initial hijinks getting the right kexts in place, everything is working great: sound, sleep, speedstep, graphics, etc.


However, when I try to activate speech commands, the computer does not seem to recognize anything I say. The microphone is working perfectly well (bars light up in Calibrate, and tested with Audacity), but none of the commands will light up. Additionally, the speech command window (below the speech widget, once speech is activated) does not list any commands.


Has anyone else tried this? I'm downloading the 10.7.4 Combo update, and will try again after installing that.

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Once you've activated speech recognition and speech commands, you should have the round speech-commands button on screen. It shows the key you need to press to use speech-commands.



If you don't press that key, you're only talking to your computer like Scotty talked the Apple mouse!



On my laptop , it's the ESC key (I think it's the default settings). Just tried it on my D630 GMA 10.7.4 , but it seems it only supports English (just as well I don't have a French accent!): I said "Empty the trash" whilst holding the ESC key and, woof, trash emptied!


There's a folder with a list of speakable items, sorted by application.

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