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Dell OptiPlex 7080: issues trying to install Ventura

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Some contradictory stuff in your setup. For instance:

  1. you rename method GPRW to XPRW but disable SSDT-GPRW
  2. you appear to seek to use UHD630 iGPU, yet you inject a RadeonSensor PlugIn kext which would be entirely irrelevant if you do not have an AMD Radeon dGPU.
  3. you inject CFL/CML desktop framebuffer layout 0x9BC5003 which is connector-less (meaning no output video port) so you'll never obtain anything with that unless you use a dGPU as main graphics card. In such a case, the connector-less iGPU FB is solely for video computing purposes.

I suggest you consult the WhateverGreen user manual and use the recommended graphics settings:


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Is this a vanilla installation using a USB installer built with the regular createinstallmedia command? It does not look like one to me...


No problem to be expected in using a DP-to-VGA converter as long as it's an active one, not a passive one.

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