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D630 Wifi on Mountain Lion


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I bought a Dell DW1390 wifi card for $3 shipped on eBay, and it worked right off the bat when booted. Here is a list of things remaining to fix:

  • Some key mappings are incorrect (e.g. tilde key outputs an odd S-like symbol)
  • Battery indicator says 20:00 hours when charged, and doesn't deplete when my d-bay battery drains
  • Boot and shutdown is extremely slow!

If anyone has input for these, let me know.


Thanks for the help so far!

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Re: keyboard mapping:

- download and install DoubleCommand. Then, in System Preferences, setup the DoubleCommand pref pane as follows:

. check 'Command Key acts as Option Key'

. check 'Option Key acts as Command Key'

. check 'PC style Home and End keys'

. click on 'Activate' + 'User' + 'System' buttons

- download Ukelele and copy the appropriate Logitech keyboard mappings to /Library/KeyboardLayouts


What EDP kexts/options did you install?

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