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D620/GMA Mirror Display Fix


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That is strange.


You said the new DSDT is better. Was the VGA output working with the old DSDT?


Your signature said you are using 10.7.5, is this true?


I only tried this with 10.6.8. Can you try it on 10.6.8?


I also set GraphicsEnabler=No.


Just to be sure the parameters are not modified.

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VGA was not working at all with the DSDT from the latest EDP. This DSDT will give me display but it is random stripes of colors. Unusable.


I am using 10.7.5. I can try with 10.6.8, but it will take me a few days to get that setup. (Its my vacation time and I am going on vacation.)

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Well, before I waste your time, let me ask a few more questions.


I have never seen a D520, but I assume it looks something like a D620.


If I understand what you are saying, you are placing the D520 on a table,

plugging in a VGA display, opening the lid and booting the machine.

At this point, your LCD display works, but the VGA has random stripes


Is this correct?


Have you tried to changing the resolution setting on the VGA manually?


Start the "System Preferences" application and select the display category.

Make sure the box in the lower left labeled "Show displays in menu bar"

is checked.


You should see a "mini display" icon in the menu bar.

If you click on it, you should see something line this.



Detect Displays

Turn On Mirroring









1280x1024, 60HZ

1200x1024, 75HZ


Number of Recent Items

Display Preferences...



The first should be the LCD in the D520.

The second should be the VGA.


Try selecting a difference resolution setting for the VGA and see

what happens.


One last thing.


Mine works with a DELL LCD monitor I have.

I tried connecting my D620 to a large screen LCD that happens

to have a VGA input. It did not work. I did not look into why, but

my first thought is the D620 was not able to download the EDID.

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i wonder if the high resolution patch also needs to be applied to vga like we do for the internal lcd the 0x00 for low res and 0x01 for high res. as most external panels will be high resolution.


Buffer (0x04)


0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00


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That basically explains what I am doing. I set the D520 down on my desktop and plug it into my VGA cable on my Dell 27 inch monitor and start the D520. I see the whole entire boot process on the laptop display and nothing on the external monitor. Because I have a BIOS password set (For hibernation purposes), I let OS X autologin. As soon as Lion gets booted, the laptop display goes blank and the external monitor shows random stripes of colors. (Some large, some pixel width.)


I cannot do anything. Pressing FN+F8 will make the laptop display flash for a second and the external monitor think I unplugged the cable. The external monitor will not come back on even if I unplug/replug it back into the VGA port, neither will the laptop display. At that point, I have to push the power button and hit the "R" key to reboot the machine and unplug the VGA cable before Lion boots.


The Dell external monitor is a Dell S2740L. I have no way of knowing how to tell if the D520 is picking up the monitors EDID. I also tried this with an Acer AL2002W 19 inch monitor. It gave me the same results.


Sorry for the late reply. Hunting season just opened where I live.


Hope this helps

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The holidays can be busy.


Since I did this work for 10.6.8, and you are running 10.74. I would like to look at your DSDT, to see if you have any changes I am not aware of. Could you attach it to this topic?


I think I have seen the problem you describe. I had to change the value of the parameter AAPL01,Pipe from the value Apple uses to one what works for my D620(intel). Lets try the a version with the Apple value and see if that solves the problem.


Here is another tar.gz file.



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As a matter of fact, that did! External display shows up mirrored to the internal display after Lion 10.7.5 boots. After Lion boots, both displays are now on and mirrored. (S-Video, as expected, does not work.)


Here is my DSDT.aml from EDP. Not sure if it will still help, as it seems you figured this out!



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That is good news.


I am not clear why the parameter AAPL01,Pipe is different between the D520, and the D620. I do even know what it does. It is interesting that, in your machine, the VGA display comes up mirrored by default. I guess it is possible that Apple changed this from 10.6.x to 10.7.x.


Also the rotation modes should work. As I said before, I have never seen a D520, but assuming it is similar to a D620, you seem to have tried it in a docking station, which also works for me, because you tried the S-video output.


How is this output suppose to work? I am not clear how to try it.


Lastly, since your machine uses the same parameters as the Apple machines, can you try the DVI output?

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I do not have a docking station.


My machine has S-Video built in. Also, I do not have a DVI port. I have S-Video and VGA only. (VGA works, S-Video, does not. As Macbook's with the GMA 950 don't come with S-Video, I did not expect S-Video to work.)


It started mirrored, yes, however I found that I could change from mirrored to extended desktop without any problem. Also, once I changed it to extended desktop, it comes up extended every time now.


As for why my machine uses Apple's stock parameters for AAPL01,Pipe, I have no idea. I'm not good with DSDT and all that. I do know that my machine is kind of non-Dell standard. For example, anyone using the D520 with OS X and more than 2Gb of RAM will not have Ethernet. It shows up, but will not assign an IP address or connect to a domain at all. We know why, but cannot fix it. My D520 does not have this problem. I have 3Gb RAM in it right now and am connected wired at home with it typing this out. I don't know why mine is different either.

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