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Dell Latitude Fusion Drive!


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I have a D630 with OS X Mountain Lion installed on a 60GB OCZ Vertex SSD, and a 250GB HDD in the place of my DVD Drive which holds my home folder and documents.


I have seen the tutorials on creating a fusion drive for macs that dont have it built in.


Would it be a good idea to create a fusion drive on my D630 and do you think there would be any significant speed boost or advantage?


If I were to try it out, I would report back the results on here to let everyone know if it is worth it.


I have seen videos showing the fusion drive is faster booting than only an ssd on its own?





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I think creating the fusion drive is straight forward to the guides out there. I think, the main problem will be to boot from this fusion drive. Last 10 minutes I did some investigation on it 'cause I'm also interested in using Fusion Drive Core Storage Technology for my D630 with 2nd Mediabay HDD. 


Chameleon has to be updated to, which could be hard (just a guess), see the Fusion Drive and not 2 independent disks.

Creating and installing on the fusion drive will at least work without trouble, I can almost promise this, but after the installation you have a system that you won't be able to start without using a USB pen, etc.


I give feedback when I'm deeper into the core storage technology behind fusion drive and how difficult it will be to boot it up :-D

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Good news: It's already possible and have been done by people. But not with Chameleon Bootloader, they used chimera (chameleon, stolen and rebranded)....


See it here:




I will try that this week (waiting for my new Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drive), please do not rate

that I will "Fusion" an SSD with a hybrid SSD/HDD, if this makes sense or doesn't isnt't subject to this topic :-D 

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