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Fn HotKey and ALS sensor driver for Asus Notebooks

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Hi @EMlyDinEsH i confirm that this kext and patches also work for Asus S451LB (Vivobook),

but the only problem, i can't get the Fn + F2 (Turn Off Wifi) and Fn + F8 (I don't know what this function)

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Hy, @EMlyDinEsH


About Fn brightness keys i've been tried to install on mojave 10.14.2 at my asus RoG Gl552JX

and sorry to say it didn't work anymore like on my previous Mac OS X version.


Keyboard backlight, Volume controls, everythings was good but the Fn Brightness keys.


Thank you verymuch.



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can you show me what version on ElanSmartTouchPad kext you use?

Because i want to get that feature, "don't need to hold "FN" button to raise volume or brightness, f1-f12 works as function keys"

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I installed succesfully macOS Sierra 10.12.6 on my Asus G73sw laptop (SandyBridge).

A lot of hardware have I got working but not the backlight of my keyboard. I installed the 'AsusNBFnKeys_v2.6.zip' kext but with no luck.

Can someone help me to get the backlight working?

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Fixed the keyboard backlight. I had to add this patch to my DSDT: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/5966-details-about-the-smart-touchpad-driver-features/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-32299

and change "LPCB" to "SBRG". After that I add the "FnKeys as Function Keys Patch.txt" to my DSDT. At the moment the following FN + F keys work:
F1 = not working

F2 = not working 

F3 = backlight down, work

F4 = backlight up, work

F5 = brightness down, not working

F6 = brightness up, not working

F7 = Screen Backlight On/Off, not working

F8 = Video Mirror, not working

F9 = Touchpad, not working

F10 = mute, work

F11 = volume down, work

F12 = volume up, work


Can someone help me to get the other FN + F keys working? For now the most important is the brightness up and down. Tried to add the "Fn Brightness Keys Patch.txt" to my DSDT but with no luck.


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