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MLPostFactor v0.3


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This comes out a little late (but better late than never) but there's been a couple of recent inquiries re: MLPF for installing and running ML on old laptops with GPUs dropped by OS X 10.8. After more than 10 years and given that MLPF was deleted from its original thread at MacRumors and that the authors have long moved on, I feel it's pretty harmless to post a copy of this old tool here for those who may be interested to use it.


So here we go, MLPF v0.3:



The tool never got updated for ML 10.8.5 but it's only a cosmetic matter and it's totally safe to apply it as it is on 10.8.5. Upon completion, update file


to adjust reported ML version from 10.8.4 to 10.8.5.


My recommendation for Hackintosh is to install ML 10.8.5 + all updates in initial (and slow) vanilla unaccelerated mode before applying MLPF for 10.8.4 on the installation. This will include reverting airportd to pre-10.8.4 version as newer one caused issues with certain wireless networks, as stated in the footer note #1 here.

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