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E6530: Audio working inconsistently


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I am using modified Herve's EFI and everything works fine except this problem: Sometimes there is no sound. Sleep/Wake or Reboot helps to restore sound. Tried everything, but the problem persists. Lilu+AppleALC debug report and EFI(ACPI, config, kexts) attached.


Dell Latitude E6530 with A22 Bios 


1366x768 screen


HD 4000 + NVS 5200M(disabled in SSDT-DGPU)

Monterey 12.7.3

report.zip EFI.rar

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Hi. I’ve encountered this behaviour on all my recent Dell Hackintosh laptops. Never found a fix. Initiating sleep and interrupting it by an action like moving the mouse fixes it. Possibly an IRQ or HPET-related matter.

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