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ALC295 - Headphone not working


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Hi everybody. Wish everyone have a happy new day


Today I created this Topic to ask for everyone's help in Fixing HeadphoneALC295PlugFix.zip with ALC295. I have tried all the layout-ids and I have compiled them all in the following picture:




Like the photo above. Currently only layouts 3,11,24 have sound when headphones are plugged in. but lost the Speaker or Mic. I searched a few forums and found the following macOS daemon tool is ALC295PlugFix below


When using this my Headphones work. I tried diving into the ALC295-Plug-Fix tool and found that it configures Node 0x19 to Param 0x24 using SET_PIN_WIDGET_CONTROL. So I tried converting them to Pinconfig: 01970724 and adding it to Pinconfig in the current AppleALC.kext but it didn't work. I couldn't use the headphones until I used the ALC295-Plug-Fix tool. But I realized that it doesn't sound really good (because I'm a music maker). And I also wanted a more permanent fix, so I learned how to Build Layout-id. 






I tried comparing them with each other and found that Layout-id 11 has the best headphone sound. Therefore, I came up with the idea of combining Layout-id 77 and Layout-id 11 together because Layout-id 77 can use Speaker and Mic, and Layout-id 11 can use Headphones. Here's what I tried:


I followed this page: https://github.com/5T33Z0/AppleALC-Guides/tree/main/AppleALC_Layout-ID to Build Layout-id, to understand the steps to build AppleALC kext and to understand it too. Followed the above guide and I dumped codec_dump.txt containing information about my codec and codec_dump.png a visual representation of the data inside the codec dump. all is below.


And a visual representation of the data inside the codec dump:




I tried reading the above diagram in combination with opening Platform11.xml and Platform77.xml for comparison and realized that:
- Int Speaker is: 20 - 2 ( in 77 )
- Headphones: 33 - 2 ( in 11 )
- Int Mic: 8 - 35 - 18 (in 77)


So I edited Platform11.xml as follows below:




I then edited Layout 11.xml like this: ( combine Layout-id 11 with Layout-id 77 )




Finally, for PinConfig. I use PinConfigurator software to edit PinConfig. Follow the Build AppleALC guide in OCLittle and this Guide: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/1946-complete-applehda-patching-guide/ to know how to understand and fix that PinConfig. After I merged the PinConfig of Layout-id 77 and Layout-id 11 and deleted the duplicate values. I got the following values:



01271C30 01271D01 01271EA6 01271FB7 01371CF0 01371D00 01371E00 01371F40 01471C10 01471D01 01471E17 01471F90 01470C02 01671CF0 0 1671D00 01671E00 01671F40 01771CF0 01771D00 01771E00 01771F40 01871CF0 01871D00 01871E00 01871F40 01971C70 01971D20 01971EAB 019 71F02 01A71CF0 01A71D00 01A71E00 01A71F40 01B71CF0 01B71B00 01B71E00 01B71F40 01D71CF0 01D71D00 01D71E00 01D71F40 01E71CF0 01E71D 00 01E71E00 01E71F40 02171C30 02171D10 02171E2B 02171F02 02170C02




But unfortunately even for them. My headphones still don't work. Only Speaker and Mic work. If I want Headphones to work. I still have to use ALC295-Plug-Fix.

I don't know where I went wrong. If you know, please help me. Thank you very much <3.


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https://github.com/Baio1977/AppleALC/actions alc test for X1 Tablet 3° gen .

I created this layout by taking the layout69.xml of the alc 236 codec, I adapted it to the 295 codec and tested it, as if by magic the external microphone and headphones work and feel great. I lost the internal speakers but copy paste from layout77.xml codec 295 and as if by magic everything works. The quality of the integrated speakers is not of good quality but in my opinion it can be improved. My internal MIC is broken and doesn't work in any Linux/Windows OS. Try the kext compiled from github and see if everything works and close the request. Thank you

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From Linux extract Dump with headphone jack inserted or not, if you have an external microphone in case a Linux dump even with external mic connected.

I'm just trying to help you and understand how this kext works.

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