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Dell Inspiron N5040: Several issues with High Sierra

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I installed macOS High Sierra on a Dell Inspiron N5040, and while I got mostly everything working on the first attempt, there's some minor issues I'm having, these are the issues, how do I fix them?

1. Sleep is not working, when I attempt to put the laptop in sleep mode, the backlight just turns off, and the screen just turns on and off every few seconds, not actually entering sleep, and when "waking" from sleep, the laptop's backlight does not come back on, you have to reboot to get the backlight back.

2. I am unable to adjust the screen's brightness. I do have SSDT-PNLF, I made it using SSDTTime.

3. The laptop is unable to detect power source changes, if I boot macOS with the charger connected, when I disconnect the charger, macOS still says the charger is connected, and vice versa. This has the lowest priority for me to fix as the laptop's battery only lasts for about 10 minutes therefore I'm almost always running it off the charger, but it still would be nice to fix.


EFI is attached to the post.


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You may want to consider switching to Clover on your Arrandale laptop. OpenCore does not provide adequate CPU power management for pre-Sandy Bridge CPUs whereas Chameleon/Clover do (Generation of C States/P States). This being said, if what you experience is instant wake on sleep, it usually is USB-ports related.

As for lack of brightness control and black screen on wake, your SSDT-PNLF is probably unsuitable.

You also need to have full graphics acceleration to be able to wake your laptop properly. Do you obtain it on this 1st gen HD model? If your model is not compatible, just forget it as a Hackintosh.


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I would prefer using OpenCore, I don't know how to make a Clover EFI and this laptop has some hardware issues which makes it difficult to reinstall macOS if I would have to reinstall (I'll go into detail later in this post)

I am getting acceleration, my screen resolution is correct, my VRAM shows up as 288MB in about my mac, stuff like transparency is working, and there's no screen tearing.


If you're curious about the hardware issues - For some strange reason, this laptop fails to cool the CPU properly outside of Windows, Linux is basically impossible to get working, and while macOS works for the most part, the laptop does tend to overheat and shutdown when installing or updating macOS, just to get macOS installed, I had to remove the laptop's keyboard and palmrest, and hold a fan directly above the CPU's heatsink, just to stop the CPU from overheating.

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