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[HOW TO] Install 10.6 Snow Leopard on Dell Inspiron 1545


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First off this is like a 95% - 99% complete HackBook, Netflix and Youtube are still borked!
Mods please sticky or pin this, thanks.

My first tutorial for installing OS X so bare with me, I will be short and sweet and as simple as possible.

I do not recommend updating past 10.6.3 at the moment, software should be fine, I updated iLife and remote assistance.

My Specs
IDT HD Audio
Intel x4500MHD
Intel Core2Duo (Replaced Stock Core2Duo for VT-X Support) Not Required
4Gb Ram
320Gb HDD (Replaced Bad Stock 500Gb)
Dell Wireless 1397 (Broadcom 4312)
Model year 2009

Create your myHack 10.6 pen using 3.1.2 (Included).

Copy Custom folder to your myHack pen, run myHack>myFix and select the myHack pen installer.

Reboot and install 10.6

When prompted select custom Extra folder and navigate to the Custom folder and select Extra.

Remove problematic kexts when prompted, should be only two.

Once you have rebooted all should be well, copy Resolution fix or contents to Desktop and follow the README file included.

Quartz Debug included, but does not seem to help with Netflix or Youtube issues, on previous install Netflix at the very least showed the media bar at the bottom of the screen.

Also maybe forgot to mention, I have copied all files in my /Extra/Extensions folder to /System/Library/Extensions after deleting the original files from S/L/E.

Fallen00Sniper A.K.A IamXPLiCiT

Native Resolution
Wireless Network
Wired Network - OOB

This link will be up until the day my account closes, hopefully never, if ever down, pm and i will fix it.

This is my first, so please respond with any issues you have and maybe I or we could find a solution, everything here is combined from all over the web, mostly here on OSx86.net for kext files.

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I think updating airport utility causes an issue, so avoiding that and trying the 10.6.8 combo update, will report back if it works and does not have issues with booting or wifi like last time.


Kernel Panic, -v and -v arch=i386 no effect.


Updating to 10.6.3 with the 10.6.3 combo update worked smoothly, just run myHack and remove problematic extensions before the first boot after updating.


Updating to 10.6.7 from 10.6.3 with the 10.6.7 combo update worked smoothly after replacing SleepEnabler.kext.


replace SleepEnabler.kext with this version below



run myHack, myFix and install the update, reboot and boot from myHack and remove problematic extensions before the first boot after updating.


Package Updates

myHack removed, due to license agreement.

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Hi fallen00sniper,


 I've been reading for the past month(it feels like). I've been successful in installing 10.5.8 Leopard on my Inspiron 1545. But it's just not working for me, can't use Google Chrome, and PS Lightroom. Which renders OS X useless for me. So attempted Lion/Mt Lion, and as I have figured from following your trials, was not going to go well, so I figured I would give SL a run. I then found your link to this thread, which brings me to my questions/problems. I am not a noob when it comes to computers, PC's etc, but OS X, Noob I am! I have some of the basics down, but I am FAR from knowing what to do when it comes to these installs. 

 I did purchase a copy of SL for this install, but to be honest, I am totally confused as to where to turn next, and was wondering if you might be willing to give me some guidance.


Thanks for your time

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sorry i am so far behind, i am a noob myself, i researched like crazy to get this up and running, with my intel based graphics i abandoned the project hoping there would be some advancement for the card, but there has not been and maybe never will, Hervé was right in that respect, but it can still be a decent hackbook if your not into watching videos all the time like i am.


what you need to do is make a myhack pen, just google myhack and you will find it, you will need a mac, hackintosh or a vmware image to make the myhack pen to make a SL installer.


that's how i managed to get some kind of stability from it, once i get my new lenovo y500 i will be making this laptop a hackbook 100% of the time and maybe i will learn how to make the kext files and we can finally get some support!


pm me your phone number, what timezone and a good time to call, i'll gladly try to walk you through the process or a google name and we can IM about it.


 i just realized, i responded to a pm about a week or so ago from you, no response back from you yet, so i imagine you have given up, hopefully this is not so and due to my neglecting to sign in on this site for a few months.


regardless, seeing this post has inspired me to overwrite my arch linux install and reinstall mac, pretty sure i kept my pen drive intact for such a change of heart, it's just too bad that i never did get a reply from a forum member about what his team could or could not do for the 4500mhd or what ever it was after he helped with a dsdt.aml which i am still grateful for.

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Yes, one can install Lion, but not obtain graphics support for the GMA 4500MHD since it is not natively supported and no OS X drivers exist.


Try your installation with a myHack USB installer and use Generic bootpack (= Extra) to start with if the above Custom Extra cannot be downloaded.

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