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This is a brilliant website but some explanations are unfortunately not suitable for simple users like myself.

I've tried to install 10.6.6 and EDP 1.5 but now my D420 won't start anymore and I need to start from scratch installing the SL retail DVD (can I use my current bootloader v65 or something or do I need to downgrade as well).



a) What is the order in which to do things to get a working D420 with 10.6.6 and EDP 1.5. Do I first do an upgrade to 10.6.6 and then install EDP or the other way around?


B) The explanation on how to install EDP is far too simple. Do you need to remove the /Extra folder or only the content of the /Extra folder. I've deleted the /Extra folder and then double clicked on the the zip file (which I just downloaded) but there is no option to extract to a specific directory. This is confusing.


c) When you type the .edptool command there are a huge amount of options popping up.In the description on the site it just says "read everything". What is mandatory and what is nice to have? Please explain what you have to do here? I don't understand it.


d) I discovered that after my s.w.upgrade to 10.6.6 (when my laptop was still working) and all s.w. upgrades (including airport upgrade) my broadcom wireless was not working anymore. Is this is a known issue? So next time no airport software upgrade?



Thank you in advance.

A very sad Tom (because his hackintosh is dead at the moment), Brussels, D420

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Hi Tommie,


I have moved your post to the support forum, please post in the correct forum :)


a ) Read in the wiki, there is guides for everything


b ) There is a step-by-step guide for that on the wiki also


c ) Experiment your way around, the reason for the diffrent options is to find what works best for your model


e ) If you have followed the guide, step-by-step, then it should work.. i would also suggest you to rebrand your network card (look at the wiki), it makes it more stable and faster..

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