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Lan adapter missing after edp install


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Dell D430 used my hack lnstalled lion 10.7.5

had to fix boot:0 error

after that everything works fine except lan adatper is missing after edp install

how do i fix that


side note: tried to install sound flower to boost sound but got kernal panic i have had to restore like five times

seems if something crashes computer gets really buggy on reboot whats upwith that

by the way how much ram can this thing max out at?

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If LAN adapter has disappeared, just extract it to /E/E from bootpack, the run myFix (full).


If you got KP after SoundFlower was installed, removed it, but I guess it's probably more to do with the audio kext you chose. I'd go back to do a new EDP System build and carefully choose the patched AppleHDA kext that's listed for the D430.


2Go RAM max, I suggest you get familiar with the user's guide specifications off Dell's web site.

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Have you updated your EDP already? It should be fixed for a week. 

The best thing for you is to download EDP from our site and install it again. Then run the EDP.app from /Applications and do a new build.


I have the D430 also, and it works perfect! :)

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ok will do that right now you say it will be fixed for a week? do you mean they fixed it this week or updted it ?

in any case how hot should my D430 get i have noticed allot of kernal panics I

also i have a SSd from samsung do i need to do anything special when i do repair permission on the disk it will also kernal panic

I keep getting smckeygetfromserverver error what is that how do i avoid that

getting anoying

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It is in beta stage, but all time out problems should be fixed. We introduced this evening a new method, so when you update, it should be fixed. 


Running myFix could take a long time on the D430. I have tested EDP also on the D430 and it works perfect here.

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