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I see the kext SleepEnabler is included into EDP.

But it not works with my D420 as well as with Inspiron (pmVersion=21). Why?

I always have KP at startup.

The KP is related to AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext.

Should this kext be used with NullCPUPM?


My Inspiron sleeps and wakes fine. No problem.

The same config in D420. I can sleep but have KP after wake. Something related to pmDispatchTable. I think the kext should correct it but no.

Any thoughts?

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Can you tried to do a build using the EDPtool ? - meaning, just used the package as it is with no extra stuff to eg. /s/l/e ? :)


I am not able to do that. unsure.gif


As I see it is true that SleepEnabler conflicts with native CPUPM so why you use coolbook. And 10.6.5?

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