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Can somebody help me installing Legacy 10.6 on my d630? i keep getting kernel panic


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I want to install mac os x snow leopard on my d630, but i dont have a computer ready to create the usb.


i already have 10.5 running, but its to old to run myhack.

So i tried to install legacy snow leopard, and create the usb from there.

I downloaded iFail S3 version 2 os x 10.6.3 and installed that one.

the installer booted correctly, but after reboot i got a kernel panic.

immediately after the boot starts.


How do i install lagacy os x on my d630? everything always kernel panics!


thanks everybody, Domini99

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<_ as last october...>



If you still don't have access to any Mac OS system to create your myHack USB installer, use Nawcom's ModCD. You'll still need to have a proper copy of retail Snow Leopard (by now, you should know how to get this...).


The D630 can run full Vanilla SL/L/ML, so you don't have to insist so much on legacy kernel. Legacy kernel is for non-SSE3/pre-Core or AMD CPUs.


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