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Older Newbie with bunch of Dells & other


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Hello all. As you will see from the bottom of the list, I have been around a while, but haven't messed with OSX86 much since Tiger on an old P4 a while back. Trying to get a hold on KEXTing, injecting and such and having marginal success.

I have a bunch of machines around that can be used as testers if needed.


Current OSX86 project is a:

Dimension e520 tower AKA: DM061
     Intel E6300, 1.86Ghz, Intel® Coreâ„¢ 2 Duo-Conroe[Contemplating upgrading to Q6x00 if I get it working]
     Intel G965 Chipset
     Intel ICH8 Southbridge ATA/RAID (Dreaful thing)
     4 GB of DDR2
     Intel 825xx Gigabit Platform LAN
     Sigmatel 9227 Audio
     Intel® GMA X3000 On-board (Disabled)
     ATI Radeon x1300 PCI-E


I am really fighting this bugger. I get parts to work on iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded)/retail but not others. I get parts to work on iFail and not others. :(

Just trying to get all the parts working on SL 10.6.3/10.6.8 to start with before trying ML.



Latitude D510 (Occasional access)

Other Dimensions In decreasing order of CPU

Other Laptops: In decreasing order of CPU

eMachine E725-4520
Gateway PA6A MX8734
Toshiba A105-S2081


Other desktops worth mentioning
Pavilion s3100v
Random Pentium 4 systems

Lots of other stuff including:

G4 Mini

G4 iBook

G4 Powermac

G3 imac blueberry


Ancient mac stuff:


Powerbook 100

Powerbook 160

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Welcome on the forum, AWD_guy!


Damn, you have a quite nice 'museum' of hardware! Maybe you are collecting more then Leon, our EDP manager! (and he is collecting a lot). Would be nice to get some systems in our EDP, if possible.


If you need help with something, just create a new topic. We could help you getting OS X on some models. :)

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Hi and welcome.


Some list!


Create a thread for each machine you want help on. That Dimension e520 should be able to run SL/L/ML (but you'll find you'll have to change that graphics card for L and ML). Anyway, let's see all that in the support section.

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