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Wow, that was fast.


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Hello nice people,


Well, that went well.  I've been trying to install OSX on my Dell Vostro 1510 for about two weeks now, and failing.  But I went from knowing nothing to failing to install any version of OSX nearly a dozen times, and realizing that I was -- if nothing else -- failing faster.  


Well, I seem to have skipped the part about my Vostro NOT being a Core2Duo, and instead having a Celeron processor.  Lost cause, I give up on that thing.


So, I dug out the old Latitude D620 (literally in a closet with a suitcase of my wife's clothes on top of it), found your site, and installed Lion today.  In one day.  Despite the dire need of a new keyboard for the Latitude.  (None of the number keys work, and only some of the top row of letters.)  Upgrading the RAM and HD would be a good idea too.


But it works, it looks AWESOME having OSX on that thing, I thank you all for my new toy.



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Enjoy! That's a good 2nd life to have...


PS: put a decent FSB800 Core2Duo CPU (eg: T7500 or better) in that Vostro1510 and you could have a nice D830-equivalent capable to run Snow Leopard and Lion; even Mountain Lion if it has nVidia graphics.

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