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Finder's bar display tool


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Those who use ML know that Apple removed the ability to have the quick resolution switching/monitors dectection facility in the Finder's bar, as existed in previous versions. By default, ML users now have to go to the display pref pane and press Alt key to detect monitors or select 'scale' resolution to get a list and be able to manually select one.


There are 2 little tools available to get that functionality back:

  1. Display Menu, which is available for free on App Store
  2. QuickRes, available from http://www.quickresapp.com


Display Menu works great and is extremely well presented; this is the tool I would recommend.



QuickRes is nice too, but I found it to be a little flawed. For instance, when testing it on a D830 WXGA (1280x800), I noticed it allowed to select a WUXGA (1920x1080) resolution that sets the laptop LCD to a sort of interlaced mode at what appears the said resolution. One may think "Great! I can get a much much larger resolution than normally expected!" when in fact it's bugged: the mouse cannot move to the very top and very bottom of the screen (stops at about 1/2 an inch)... As such, the mouse has to be set to about a 1/2 inch from the place where you want to click for items at top and bottom of screen, whilst it seemed to be Ok for things in the middle of the screen. So, careful ! There's no problem when correct/supported resolutions are used though.


NB: for the above picture, in order to select the 'Resolutions' option, the mouse had to be placed right under the 'Quit' option of the QuickRes popup menu...  :wacko:

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