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NP900X4C Doesn't boot with OSXLATITUDE


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Hello everyone!

I'm new to the world of Mac OS X and I wanted to try the operating system.

I own the Samsung NP900X4C with 256GB SSD and 8GB Ram and i tried to install Mountain Lion as per the instruction you published on this site. 


The problem is, I get a kernel panic as soon as I try to boot the installation modified with your np900x4c or np900x3c "bootpack".

The only "Kernel Extension in backtrace" is AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.


I can't go further, thank you for any assistance! 

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Welcome on our forum, sedgewick!


I think I already know the problem ;-). We are working on a new site and we are rewriting the BPG. (Bootpack Generator).

The model you have is in EDP with SSDT tables, this are 'ACPI tables' for the processor. We have made it ready for the i5 3317U, do you have this one?


In bootpacks we don't include SSDT tables, so we should include the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext. However, that is the little thing we forgot! Thanks for noticing! :).


I fixed the bootpack manually for now, and attached it to this post. Please add it again to your myHack USB, in the way we explained in our guide!


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Hello iMick! :D

Thanks for your fast reply, I will try with the bootpack you attached and let you know as soon as I get back home!


By the way, I checked the specs and the CPU is an i7 3517U, but I will try anyways.

You got different CPU model, so you can't use those ssdt files from EDP and we'll update one for your model then add it soon today. Please let  us know your specs so we can help you with that if you have different.

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Thanks for the efforts :D

Sooner I tried to install with the new fixed bootpack but had no luck...


The boot remains in console mode (gui never shows) just after Bluetooth initialization, I will try with a different ISO or boot parameters and let you know!

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