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Install Failed: ...could not start up computer from disk "HHD"


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Hey,  new machine: D830 w/2.4ghz & nvidia,  bios A16 with all recommended settings per: this forum.


booting from usb/myhack going fine (although did get a black screen booting 1st time and had to reboot)  


went into Utilities>Disk Utility and erased hhd, partitioned & formatted (mac os extended journaled) with MBR in Options. (tried GUID too).  


install goes fine and I point it to Extras folder from EDP bootpack download,


less than one minute left and hhd light is flashing for a minute or two then the message window:  


                                Install Failed  

          OS X could not be installed on your computer.  

The installer could not start up the computer from the disk "my drive". try selecting your disk using the Startup Disk Utility.  Click Restart to....


I reboot from usb/my hack and choose "my drive" to boot from and it seems to be going along fine but then black screen, THEN the OS X voice help starts talking about how to use voice over for help..


i am guessing video is not configured nicely, recommendations?


should I try installing without the bootpack extras folder?


what can I try next? 




btw, windows installed fine on this drive this morning to upgrade to the latest BIOS.  then I wiped it during OS X install.

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A few comments:

  • you really should partition your drive GUID, not MBR.
  • are you installing Mountain Lion? With ML, expect an "installation failed" error message at the end, but it's just false alarm. You can reboot straight into ML afterwards, no need to boot with the USB installer.
  • what size is your D830's LCD?
  • did you use the D830 nVidia bootpack?


The "voice over" audio you hear on reboot is another typical feature of ML: you get this on initial boot at the beginning of the final setup procedure.


I've done several ML installation on D830s nVidia 135M and there's no problem at all on 1st reboot after myHack+OSXL bootpack installation.

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you were absolutely correct, restart without usb stick all went smooth...


do we no longer need to run myfix?   or should I run it before software update to 10.8.3?


thanks again!


and thanks for the recommendation, the 1920x1200 screen resolution looks great~!

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myFix is fully integrated to the EDPWeb system build procedure. It's run at the end of the build.


You can update to 10.8.3 at any time, before of after doing your EDP system build. There's no impact at all.

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