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D520 Core Duo and Lion ??


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hey folks,


cant for the love god get Lion on this D520, have stripped it down to no wireless, tried with and with out bootpacks. it seems when the "select your language" screen should pop up, my screen just goes blank.

I know not all D520's mobo's are born equal, mine is a Core Duo , is this a problem ? some have a 945M and others a 945ML which dictates if it can handle a core 2 duo or core duo from what i have read.

so to save me eons of installs I thought I'd ask if the CPU is my issue. my USB installer works fine on my HP desktop, have successfully done a D630 using your MyHack method and many other ML and Lion installs on various machines.


but I just cant give up my old trusty D520 , its my precious !!


I have tried an iFail LION installer out of fustration and the problem is identicle, its as if the graphics are not supported or when the GUI kicks in the display runs off to mumma.

Just guessing here.



in the pinned "D520 Lion install" thread the (preinstall guide) link is down.

all the best


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Lion (and above) requires a Core 2 Duo PCU. Core Solo/Duo won't do.


The D520 documentation stipulates that the laptop is equiped with either Intel GM945 or Intel 940GL, therefore can take Intel Celeron M, Core Solo, Core Duo or Core 2 Duo CPUs. Graphics is GMA950. The BIOS info page of your D520 will list its exact specs.


Change your CPU to a Core 2 Duo (FSB 533 or 667MHz) and your problem should be solved. I guess the D520 is like the D620, i.e. you would need a socket M CPU, not a socket P.

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