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Keyboard mappings


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I have to ask the smart guys here because I know with so many Non Macs in use someone knows the best answer.


:$  What is the correct "visual" mapping for most "Windumz" keyboards to the correct Mac keys?   <_<


I have googlifed searched this with no real success.  So that is why I ask the brainiacs here!   ;)   :)

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I recommend the combination of 2 tools:

  1. Ukelele Logitech keyboard layouts for full keyboard mappings (just copy the appropriate Logitech layouts from within the app package to /Library/Keyboard layouts then select these new layouts to the list of input sources where they're automatically added)
  2. DoubleCommand for special keys assignation such as Windows key as Command key or PC-Style Home/End keys recognition

Keyboard_layouts.jpg Languages_selection.jpg


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Herve' YOU RAWK!! for a french guy!!  ;)


Wanna know something really sad?  I took french in High School  I did learn a few things but failed the classes miserably!  I should have taken spanish.  I live very close to the Southern boarder or the United States!  D0H!!  :unsure:  :$  :o


Oh and the sadder thing is after i posted this, I found a G00tube video on how to use the keyboard settings to change my keys to a more correct Mac mapping.  Wow I guess Ug00glie works if you put in the "right" criteria! D00uble D0h!!  :$  :$


I did find the utilities you recommended!  Thanks much0!  :excl:  :excl:  :excl:

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