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My E-series 6520


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I keep getting stuck at the PCI configuration begin, i tried the npci=0x2000 but it still gets stuck there. how did you install the OSX? i used unifail 2.0.2 to create my boot drive. What else do I need to do? 


May sound weird, but its the NIC.  Remove it and the install will go right ahead.  I ended up having to get a different NIC twice.  The original didn't work under Lion and the one that worked under Lion. refused to work under Mountain Lion.  It also would not let me get past the point you are stuck at.


Other than that use the tools here "myhack" to create the install disk.  I made USB and I used ishgury? /extra - DSDT to make my install disk with.


Sorry for taking so long to answer, the last few weeks have been difficult for me.  It's the anniversary of the loss of one of my children to violence....   :(

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