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D430: Unable to boot SL and Chameleon


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I have a working copy of SL on a D430.  All EDP updates completed...everything works...except...


I installed Chameleon Boot Loader v2.1svn r2069 on my boot USB disk and it works fine...gets me into SL without a problem.  I installed the same boot loader on my hard drive and it fails to boot.  With Verbose on here's what I get:


Loading Darwin 10.6

No Kernel Cache File 'kernel cache_i386' found

Loading kernel / mach_kernel

Read HFS+ file: [hd(1,1)/ mach_kernel] 4096  bytes

Read HFS+ file: [hd(1,1)/ mach_kernel] 7442126 bytes


And that's all I get.   Thoughts?  The install works fine if I boot off my USB.  I'd like to get the hard drive to boot by itself.


Standing by...

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Status report...all is well.


Here's what I found.  I'd not used myhack to build the install disk because it just plain wouldn't work despite repeated attempts and rebuildinging of my USB boot installer.  Instead I used a method discussed in the d4xx forum to build an install disk with my retail copy of Leopard and install EDP and the Chameleon boot loader.  The EDP install went well as did, apparently, the Chameleon boot loader install.  However, it turns out that I had to install the boot loader on an unmounted drive and installing it within the OS wouldn't work.  When I figured that out I booted off an earlier USB that included the myHack utility and at the utilities screen prior to install I used myhack to unmount and install the boot loader.  Viola!  It worked!  I've since installed Chameleon Wizard to clean up the boot interface and am in the process of updating the OS software.  Life is sweet!  Next stop - figure out how to dual install then clean the drive and install both SL and Win7.

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Chameleon must be installed on HDD 1st partition.


Dual-boot is well supported but you may find 1) you have to play with DISKPART (to activate paritions) once you've installed Win7 and 2) you have to reinstall Chameleon...

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