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E6520 - Install Mavericks DP successfully

Jake Lo

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I7 - 2760QM vpro | 256 SSD | 8 GB ram | Nvidia NVS4200M 1366x768 | rebranded DW1510 wireless


Here's how to get Mavericks to install:

BIOS settings: Disable Optimus, Enable AHCI and XD Cpu support


Step 1:   Download the Mavericks OSX 10.9 DP1 .dmg and mount it
Step 2:   Download the latest myHack
Step 3:   Run myHack and install onto at least an 8gb flash drive or external USB drive, replace the Extra folder with Extra.zip

Step 4:   Run myfix on the USB Installer to update permission and kext cache

Step 5:   Reboot, press F12 to choose boot from USB Installer
Step 6:   Boot the installer with flag -v
Step 7:   Format the drive as MacOS Extended Journal (Guid)
Step 8:   When prompt, choose to use the Extra folder on the USB drive that you copied in step 3

Step 9:   When ask if you want to remove kext, say ok to all 3 .kexts

Step 10:  At the end, just click continue and then click Quit Installer
Step 11:  Reboot, Press F12 and choose to boot from USB Installer
Step 12:  Interrupt boot by hitting enter, select the HDD and boot with -v
Step 13: Complete the Installation ( if mouse is not responding, use external USB mouse)
Step 14: Once logon, go to application, launch myHack and install chameleon on the HDD partition,

             then run myFix if mouse is not working on step 13
Step 15: Reboot, remove USB drive, you should be able to boot without it now

Step 16: Go to preference/Sound and change Output to "Speaker (Analog)"

              Go to Preference/Security & Privacy, Allow applications download from Anywhere


Update: Installed DP2, no issue so far


Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 11.26.48 AM.png

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I followed these directions with a fresh maverick install and the setup went by without a hitch. I have several of these at work we can convert over to OSX now!

Glad to know that instruction and bootpack works on GM too.

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