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D430 Lion didnt boot from HDD and wouldn't boot after trying to fix


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   This machine was working beatifully with Lion 10.7.4 the only issue was it wouldn't boot from the HDD i had to use an USB and then point to the partition on the HDD and  it'd work bullet proof

since I made it about 6 months ago. I installed a lot of my dev stuff in it and it was all working.


  I was busy doing some coding so I just let it be like that. Now I had some spare time I decided to get it to boot from the HDD, I already had the Chameleon but it wouldnt work and I read somewhere that may be partition is not bootable, I loaded Gparted and I saw some other small parition had the boot flag (this partition was actually  msftres after i took the boot flag out of it and set it boot on the partition with HFS. Then I wouln'dt boot took the msftres out by reformatting the small parition to hfs and now when I try to boot from the USB it wouldn't see the Lion partition ... CRAP!!! I had a lot of work on that box with Eclipse/Xcode, lots of things that would be a pain redo. 


  So I rolled it back e.g. reformatted the small partition back to FAT32 and set it as boot, run a check on the HFS lion parition and after a couple of shots I'm back where I was. What a relief!!!!!!


  So how could I get this to boot from the HDD my lion is on disks03, 1st partition is FAT32 (msftres) 2nd and 3rd are htfs.


  Thanks in advance.


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Thanks a lot!!! I installed Chameleon on the disks02 (which has nothing but files) and left everything as it was and it booted up all the way it took a little longer than usual. I'd assume the boot tag is still on the msftres(1st partition) as I din't touch it but this is working and I'll leave it along.

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