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Dell D620 Lion Install Problems


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I'm trying for hours to get mac os lion orking on my dell D620, but every time i start my lion bootstick which i exactly did how it is said in the guide, the boot progress stops at different points while the boot up.

I got the nVidia modell with the Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T7500 ... please help me... SL worked very well, but now its kind of old so i wanted to try something new


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Not that it matters, but there can be no C2D T7500 CPU in a D620, as it requires a different socket, FSB and chipset than used in that laptop.


Check your BIOS version and BIOS configuration using the dedicated thread at the top of the D6xx section.


I recently made several re-installs on my D620s (GMA950 & nVidia) and there's no issue with myHack + bootpack. It's best to use myHack 3.1.2 for 32bit installation to avoid the documented KP, but it'll be Ok with myHack 3.2 if you update Chameleon bootloader to v2248 or later.


If you have an Intel wireless card, either disable it or take it out as it's not compatible and can cause installation/boot issues.


That's all I can say right now until you describe your D620 specs and installation process in more details.

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