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install SL 10.6.3 on USBDisk Failed/crash


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I made for two times install of Mac Os X DVD from apple store on USB Disk ( 8Gb ),,both instal crashes, 

then i  had to format 2 USB DiskDrives,,problem is that even formatting in Mac Ext ( journaled ), or any other  ( fat32, fat16, nsft, ext2, ext3, ext4, with linux-ubuntu), nothing, the problem stay's, on my disk utility, when i type my USB Disk he show's me 1 partition with a shadow in it, a blue shadow, and it say's on the left side that i had only 2,4 Gb of free disk,,,when he should have 8 Gb,,,,,,what do to? 

How can i fix this problem?

thanks in advance 
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