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need repaire installation SL Mac Os X


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Since i've done some stupid thing yesterday,, " i'm dumber than a mule" i've get some troubles since yesterday to boot my Mac Drive,,, finilly it works, i got boot, well, i got resolution problem, not the same,,only one choise 1024x768, and it should be 1400x900, but that's not all, i got no more wifi nether ethernet, over system profiler, when i type network, he tell's me : no information found, typing airport :

software Versions:

menu extra: 6.2.2(622.2)

configd plug-in 6.2.5(625.6)

System Profiler: 6.0.1(601.1)

Network preference: 6.2.2(622.2)

Airport Utility: 5.6.1(561.3)

IO80211 Family: 3.2(320.1)



Crad type:: Third-Party Wireless Card

Supported PHY Modes: 802.11b/g

Supported Channels: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Status: Network Service Inactive


can i solved this issue,, i don't want to mess up this, i've did it already and i want to get back my Mac Machine as he was,,

i'm gonna put some photos so you can see my machine,

help will be welcome,, thanks in advance







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after stoping doing stupid choises,, like SLV1.iso, i've finaly download NawcomModCD,,and after burning it, i've start my Dell, and after boot

ModCD and put myMac Retail DVD on drive, i got this screen,,he told me to make a picture and show to someone,,here it is,,


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Start again and DO NOT select ElliotRTC in the options... It's off by default and it's not a good idea to select everything out of ignorance (best recipe to fail).


A little search on the forum could have led you here:


or here:


or many more...


It's just a matter of reading: KP on ElliotRTC -> do not select ElliotRTC. 

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Kill myself or quit building my Mac?


first of all, thank you for listening to a mule like " me"
Last week with great help from Hervé, i did succefully install Mac Os X SL DVD on my Dell D620,, :),,but,,cause i'm a mule, i didn't sste up pass word system, so he went to sleep and crash the system,,
note: i've successfully instal Mac Os X with bad setup BIOS and with some garbage CD SLV1.iso,, that i though good for my laptop,,,
finally i've downloaded the file ModCD.iso from osx.hackintosh,,i've burn it on CD and i start new install,,
bad luck,, KP

yesterday i've post something and i get one answer,,he told me to do don't chose Eliot,,on choises,, and in fact i didn't chose any thing,, after reading hat was in front of me i follow instructions,, so:
" for DVD retail, replace ModCD with Mac DVD and type F5 "
I did it and he got a KP,,i follow this screens,
Would like to now if good copy of ModCD open's like mine????
do i have to do another iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) disc with NawcomModCD?
i thnil there are two available files of NawcomModCD, one for USB and one for CD,,would love that someone could confirm that i got the good boot CD,,help is very welcome,, :)




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"Kill myself or quit building my mac?"

-> The 1st option will directly result in the 2nd, so option #1 will suffice! :P


Did you try the mach-kernel?


Failing that, you could always reinstall that dodgy SLV1 ISO and restore to a USB key the image I made for you from the retail DVD yesterday. It was in the "To keep" folder on the desktop. I hope you did not delete it or wipe your HDD without copying its contents to a key or something... If not, yes, kill yourself.


Once you have that SL key ready, you can simply copy the bootpack onto it and try to boot that key with ModCD. It should certainly be Ok with mach_kernel.


I might try ModCD on my own D620 GMA950 tonight, but frankly, this is exhausting!

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