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Cellular or WiFi card?


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Hi I didn't know where to post this, so this looked like a good spot.


I have an old Atheros AR5BXB72 Wifi/radio card which came from an original mackbook which fits nicely into the 2nd (cellular) slot of my D620 Latitude.

My question is, does it do cellular? After installing it, in the BIOS it says I have a cellular device installed.


Now I used to use it in an HP Pavillion dv9000 series (after flashing the bios) and it worked great as just a WiFi card, but in my Dell, it doesn't seem to do anything and I can't remember the driver I had used on the HP. . .


here's a pic of the card with the 3 wires:



and here's the wifi and atheros card together:



anybody else every get a cellular card to work on their latitudes??





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