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Funny you mention that.. i have 2 wrt54g waiting in my ever growing pile of unfinished hacks pile mountain...lol maybe you should come over and feed that hunger... so much stuff so little time..


It's quick and fairly easy to do. Just make sure you follow the DD-WRT wiki to the letter and it won't brick. I decided to drop it in front of my linux server that I'm currently using as my mail server, web server, ip masq, and ip tunnel to the office linux box. I was getting constant port scans and hack attacks from some script kiddies in china. I now only have everything using one port forward on the linux box making it a nightmare for someone to try and hack. Basically everything is coming through the tunnel on the incoming side, so they'd have to bust through the router firewall then they'd still only have port 25 to play with.


Seriously worth doing though. I can also crank the Rx rate up to beyond FCC limits for max bandwidth range. The new gui has realtime bar graphs and charting for bandwidth usage etc. Just unbelievable how much they packed in. There's even a built in hot spot using sputnick and if yer so inclined and and "advertisement routine" so if you wanna make some money on it. ie set up a hot spot for free but it posts ads on the side of their browsers and u get paid.


here's the link to mod it. Key once again though is to read careful though so as to not brick. their forums are full of poor souls and the common denominator seems to be they couldn't follow a simple instruction.





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