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VMware Fusion or Parallels


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I tried using parallels with my setup and it was brutal trying to get it to to work with chameleon. I ended up pooching my system and had to start over. fusion all the way!

I use both, Parallels and Fusion on my main machine. I started with VMWare back than and just tried the test version of Parallels, out of pure curiosity. I already had bought Fusion license, so... not really looking for a replacement. However, when I tried to transfer my D430 WinVista into a virtual machine with VMWare, I was not able to do so. And I don't say "the software" was not able. Might be just me. But when I tried Parallels, it went without a glitch. So, I bought Parallels 4 (I think it was for 10.5.whatever) license, successfully upgraded to 5 and than to 6. I could import all my VMWare machines and generally never had any issues. It just works like advertised, despite Chameleon. It feels faster to me and I deem it better integrating into the Mac environment.

The only time when Parallels let me down was when I was trying to import the Fusion image of Lion. It simply failed with no big explanations why. So, I run Lion in Fusion. All other things (Win7, OS X 6.7 Server, Ubuntu and such) in Parallels.


Having said that, I think performance and usability wise they are no really big differences. Finally, it comes down to your own personal taste.

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